Recent Quotes

(I've shared most of these on Facebook, but I know there are a few of you who read this who aren't on Facebook.)

Rae: "If you're alive, that's a good sign. If you're dead, that would probably be a bad sign."


Me to Rae: "I love spending time with you."
Rae: "I love spending time with banana splits!"


Me to Ruby: "I love YOU."
Ruby: "No, I yub YOU!"
Me: "No, I love you!"
Ruby: "No, I yub YOU!"
Rae (from the other room): "Mom! Ruby! You both love each other! Now stop fighting!"


Ruby (after Rae had used the potty): "Rae go poop?"
Me: "Yep, see?"
Ruby (peering in the toilet at the tiny turd): "Oh! Baby poop! It's so cuuuuuute!"


Rae to JP: "I want to marry you when I grow up."
JP: "Well, you can't marry me, but do you want to marry someone like me?"
Rae: "Yep! Like with curly hair, and who's funny, and watches the Simpsons, and drinks out of a water bottle, and walks through fields to hunt!"

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Sarah D said...

Oh wow, thanks Audra, that made my night! :D