Little Artist

One of Israel's favorite things to do at home is painting. She will paint anything I allow her to paint. We've painted rocks, pine cones, cardboard boxes, green beans, flower pots, scraps of wood, etc.

She impresses me all the time with her ability to figure out how to construct an image without any help at all. First it was a rainbow. Then a nature scene with a tree, grass, bushes, and a sun. Then she figured out roses, faces and even how to draw a crown on a head. I never showed her how to draw these things -- she just figured it out.

Recently, as she sat down to paint, she asked me, "Mom, how many legs does a giraffe have?" I informed her that a giraffe has 4 legs. That's all she needed to know to create this:

(yes, I am aware that I misspelled "giraffe" on the painting)

Now, maybe you don't find this quite as impressive as I do, but I thought this was brilliant for a 3-year-old!

Only slightly less impressed was I at the proceeding stripe-less Zebra (whose neck really is slightly shorter than the giraffes, you will note)...

...and the long-legged (but short-necked) hippo.

She is so cute. Each time she asked me, "how many legs does a zebra/hippo have?"

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