Goat Farm

We recently took a field trip to Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm in Scandia, MN to correspond with our unit study on goats. We invited a bunch of friends, braved one of the coldest days of the year, and had a blast!

Rae is 6!

Happy belated birthday post to our gorgeous SIX-year-old, Israel Hope! We spent the day ice skating and green wig wearing (see pictures below).

Rae, you are growing into such an extraordinary young lady. Your dimply, tooth-deprived smile is contagious, your wit is timeless, and your heart is as big as the full moon. I love watching you learn, listening to you sing around the house, they way you tuck into the bathroom to pray alone, and the way you care for your younger siblings. I love reading with you, wrestling with you, and spending "girl time" with you. Most of all, I love the way you love Jesus, and how you trust Him to care for your every need. You truly are everything a parent could ever as for in a daughter. Thanks for the best six years of my life! Love, Mom.

Quotes From the Girls

Rae: "When guys are silly, it's just because they are guys. When girls are silly, it's because they want to be. They think it's funny."


Ruby: "Mom, do you remember that restaurant that I like, where it has that yummy food and you sit at little tables? And it has a bathroom in case you need to go pee?"


Rae: "May I please have a marshmallow?"
Me: "No, you already had an Oreo. That's enough sugar."
Rae: "But Oreos don't have any sugar!"


I noticed Rae pronounced the word "fifty" with a "th," as in "thifty." I asked her if she realized it was supposed to be pronounced with an "f." She thought about and replied, "Fifty? FIFTY? It sounds like a baby trying to say, 'thifty!'"


Rae: "Ruby, they're not really called pumps. They're called bras."


Ruby: "That song from the movie is stuck in my head."
Me: "How does it go?"
Ruby: "I don't know how it goes, it's just stuck in my head."


Ruby: "Mom, these are my new favorite things: God, jewels, and treasures, princesses, candy and watching movies."