One Month

Ruby Ann is already one month old! She is so precious and sweet tempered. She's starting to focus in on our faces more and gives us sweet smiles from time to time.
Thank you Jesus for our precious girls!


How to Carve a Pumpkin

First scoop...
Then trace...


REALLY carve...

And finally, enjoy!

A Weekend in Autumn

We spent a wonderful fall weekend out at JP's dad & step-mom's place. We've been out there a lot as JP helps them rebuild their deck. This weekend we took advantage of Saturday's weather and went to Fall Harvest Orchard in Montrose, MN. It was more of a petting farm trip than an orchard. There were goats, pigs, chickens, cows...and the girls had tons of fun playing with them.
Feeding the Goats

The corn pool

JP the goat whisperer

"Punkin patch!"

On Sunday Margie threw herself a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party for the girls. They loved wearing the party hats and received Dora balloons and goody bags.

We also put the girls in their costumes for a photo shoot. Ava is a mouse, but you can't really tell because she wouldn't put her hood up! Rae is a ladybug and Ruby is our sweet pea.


VeggieTales Live

On Saturday night, Margie & I packed up Rae, Ruby, and Ava and made the long treck from Clearwater to Lakeville for VeggieTales Live! Israel loves VeggieTales, especially Junior Asparagus. She had a blast singing and dancing to all of the silly songs. Ava, on the other hand, was a little scared of the loud music, flashing lights, and giant vegetables, so her mom came to pick her up early.
Here are some pictures of Rae busting her moves!


Funny Story of the Week

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to give the girls a bath. Normally I put Rae in the tub and wash Ruby in the sink, but I decided to do them both in the tub together this time. Things were going great...until Ruby pooped in the tub (sorry if this is too gross for the average reader). The poop started spreading all through the water as I frantically tried to get both of their slippery, naked bodies rinsed with clean water and out of the tub.
I got Rae out first, and she started running around the house yelling "I'm nakey! I'm nakey!" I hurried to get Ruby out and into a clean diaper so I could get a diaper on Rae as well. THEN, as if on cue, Caleb (the dog) puked on the living room floor. Israel, in all her curiosity, went to check it out and ended up stepping in it, slipping, and falling down. With Ruby all cleaned up, I then proceeded to wipe away Rae's tears, clean the puke off of her, and get her dried off and into some clothes.
During the entire fiasco, my phone was ringing over and over and over again. I had 15 missed calls from JP and numerous voicemails wondering why on earth I wasn't answering the phone. One voicemail said, "It's me, JP. Just calling to let you know that I'm dying. I wanted to say goodbye, but you're not answering your phone. So the last time you'll ever hear my voice is on a voicemail." (how dramatic)
Anyhow, it was a fun day. :) Here's to life with two!


Handyman Hunk

JP was on WCCO 4 News at 6:00 pm tonight! 
The story was about winterizing foreclosed homes. JP has been doing some work for my former boss at WCCO, and when he heard that JP does winterizations, he asked if JP would be willing to be a part of the story. 



This is kind of old news, but lots of people have been asking about my article that got published in Focus on the Family magazine this month. I wrote it about a year ago when Rae was about 9 or 10 month old. I hope it is encouraging to other "competitive mothers" out there. :)
Without further ado...

My Baby is Better Than Your Baby
by Audra Charlebois


Ruby - One Week

Little Ruby Ann is one week old today! She is doing wonderfully -- eating, sleeping, and pooping by the book. :) Rae has been adjusting very well. She gets a little bored and whiney during feedings, but that is getting better, too.
Here are some pictures!



Here are some comparison pictures of Rae & Ruby as newborns in the same outfit. Rae has the bow in her hair. Ruby has the pacifier. See any resemblance?