Sesame Street Live

For the second year in a row, JP's parents gave Rae and Ava tickets to Sesame Street Live at the Target Center. And for the second year in a row, they LOVED it! Thanks to G & Bompa (& G's friends with the hook-ups!) for the wonderful day!

Are they going to prom???
DancingThanks, G!
The stage

So, about this last picture...
Last year, G bought both of the girls Elmo balloons and Rae's flew away to the top of the Target Center. This year she got them balloons again, and YET AGAIN Rae's balloon got away from me. Kindly, Lisa bought Rae another balloon. I tied it to my wrist and got it all the way back to Lisa's house. Then I took it off my wrist, put it in the far corner of the van, and as I buckled Rae into her car seat...the wind sucked it out and it blew off into space. Rae almost started bawling until I started cheering, "Yay! It's flying!! Look at it go! Elmo's flying away to find Big Bird! Go, Elmo, Go!" Rae was quite confused, but kind of liked the idea. And she DIDN'T cry. So...I was pleased.
Next year, let's just skip on the balloon. :)


Don't feel neglected

I am quickly losing the faith and motivation to send out Christmas/New Years/Baby Announcement/We've Moved cards, so don't feel bad if you didn't get one. I didn't send any. :) 
That being said, if you DO want or need our new address, send me an email and I'll send it to you.