"Not Me!" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Happy "Not Me!" Monday!

I did NOT consider skipping "Not Me! Monday" again this week, and then change my mind when I found out MckMama is giving away a jewelry gift certificate to someone who participates. Not me! I'm NOT that desperate. ;)

At 37 weeks pregnant, there is great need to be prepared for anything at any moment in our home. That's why I've been working on keeping the house as clean as is relatively possible, unpacking tiny newborn clothes, creating a checklist for my hospital suitcase (although I haven't actually packet it yet), etc.

Therefore it is NOT possible that a prepared Mama like me ran out of gas on a small, country road this week, 9 months pregnant and with two young children in the car. Not me! I know better than to let my tank get below 1/4 full. And if that had happened, I wouldn't have gazed out the window at the gas station I could see but not reach in the far-off distance, contemplating how wise or unwise it might be to attempt walking there (pregnant with two children), all the while kicking myself for skipping the gas station the night before because I just wanted to get home.

Then (if any of that had happened), I would not have been doubly irritated to find out that my AAA membership had recently expired and be forced to pay to have it renewed over the phone in order to be rescued.

None of these things happen to a prepared woman.

I also did NOT spend the night in a twin sized top bunk bed with a 1-year-old this week because she was freaking out and wouldn't sleep and I just didn't have the patience or the energy to deal with it any longer. I'm a mama who always sticks to her guns -- I never give in to fits just to get what few precious hours of sleep I can glean from one night.


How about you?

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