Babywearing Update

WOW! I got a lot of responses to the babywearing post, and I appreciated every one of them!

After every response, I went and re-looked at each of the items mentioned, taking into account what each of you did/did not like about each.

I kept coming back to the wraps (Moby vs. Sleepy Wrap), but worried about ease of getting in and out. Then a friend mentioned the K'tan, and that really caught my attention.

THEN today at Target, I happened to see a repackaged Moby Wrap for only $28. I figured that was a pretty darn good deal, so I bought it.

My first response: holy guacamole this thing is HUGE! Seriously, nobody told me how ginormous they are! It took me a while to figure it out, and when I finally did, I didn't feel comfortable in it. I'm not going to give up on it altogether, but now I'm really leaning toward the K'tan.

It goes on like a sling, but supports over both shoulders, like a wrap. Anybody ever used one of these? Pros/Cons?


Snapshotsofhappiness said...

Nope never used that one. Sounds interesting though. By the way your photos on the last post are awesome!

molly said...

haha! the moby is big for sure:) this other one looks interesting though!

molly said...

lol i didn't read that comment before me either;)

Diana/WrapYourBaby said...

I haven't used a K'tan, but I've seen it used. I think if you don't want to learn to put a wrap on, it's a great shortcut. But it's obviously not as versatile because a wrap can be tied on a million ways, and a carrier with a specific sewn shape (like the K'tan), is designed to be put on in a specific way.

However, that specific way may really work for you and be all you ever need!

I think you probably need to get the exact right size with a K'tan in order for it to be comfortable, so be careful of that. Any carrier should hold your baby high on your torso and tight against your chest for your comfort!