Countdown to Rosie -- UPDATED

We are officially less than one week away from Rosie's due date (9/10/10)!

This morning I started having contractions around 7:00 am. They eventually went away, but it was enough to motivate me to...

-Finish packing my hospital bag
-Pack overnight bags for the girls
-Go to Target for diapers, new mom products, etc.
-Get a haircut before she comes so I don't chop it all off AFTER she's born
-Ask JP to get the baby car seat out of the garage rafters & wash it
-Have JP put the back seat back in my van so I can fit three car seats in it
-Charge the batteries in my camera
-Find the bouncy chair
-Anything else?

I guess I left more than I thought to the last minute! :)

I can't wait to meet this sweet face!


Sarah D said...

not until after our pedicure! ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Another beautiful baby:)