Ice Cream and Cousins

My monster-in-law Margie brought Ava, Vinnie & Florie out to our house for a visit tonight. We played in the yard and the pool, then went to our favorite pizza and ice cream parlor for dinner. I wish these kids got to play together more often. I can't believe how big they all are! The twins will be 7 next week. 

Thanks for the fun night, Gammy! 

Simeon & Grandpa

Simeon is 7 weeks old already! He has outgrown his tiny newborn clothes and is getting to be more interactive. He's fairly generous with his smiles now and is sleeping about 7 hours at night on average. I am already sad that the "newborn" phase is ending. 

In other news, Missy and the kids came to MN for a visit this past week. We had fun soaking in as much play time as we could. On Thursday, JP watched the kids so I could go to dinner with my mom and sisters for a triple birthday celebration. 


The Boys

They're going to be best buds! 

Simeon is 7 weeks old now and a pure joy to our family. He is starting to coo and smile more, and he definitely keeps an eye on mama at all times. 😊

Facebook Shutdown

Welcome Facebook friends!

In an effort to use my time more wisely, I've decided to shut down my Facebook account. I'm going to transfer family updates, photos and tidbits to this blog so that friends and family can still keep up with what's going on in our world, as well as so that these memories will be documented and archived. Searching Facebook for old posts is nearly impossible, but with the blog, everything is recorded and archived by date, making it easy to search. 

I'm sure this will prove to be an interesting experiment since I've always enjoyed Facebook and keeping up with people in that way. 

Here goes nothin'! 😳