"Not Me!" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It's been a while since I did a "Not Me!" Monday post. You can view more by visiting MckMama's blog.

Some exciting events have already been recorded...such as, "I did not watch a snake attack a frog in my childrens' sandbox." Oh Lordy.

And of course you already know about Ruby's "big girl" adventures. The first night in the big bed went GREAT, as did nap time the next day. Last night was the first night with Rae in the room with her. Let's just say I was NOT awoken at 4:30 am to Ruby whimpering, "Rae? Rae?" over the monitor. After going upstairs to tell her to be quiet and go back to bed, she did NOT then remain awake and proceed to whimper until about 6:00 am, at which point her quiet whimpers did NOT turn into full-blown, top-of-the-lungs crying. This crying did NOT wake up Rae.

I did NOT give in and put Ruby back in her crib for the sake of a couple more hours of sleep for the whole family. And of course my precious 3-year-old went right back to sleep -- she did NOT decide that maybe 6:00 am really was a good time to wake up and proceed to come downstairs to ask if I would get up with her now. I did NOT send her back to bed 3 times before finally getting up with her at 7:15 am.

(Note: It is now 8:52 am and Ruby is still alseep in her crib! That's fine by me.)

And as far as potty training goes -- our accidents certainly did NOT outnumber our successes yesterday. Ruby wasn't hesitant about the potty at all; she certainly did NOT hold in her pee from 1:15 pm, through nap time, all the way until 6:45 pm until she finally could hold it no longer!

And when we went outside and she pooped on the ground, it came as NO shock to me that as I cleaned poo off of her and the potty she tried to make it to, I looked up and saw two of our dogs eating the poop off of the ground. Not my dogs!

And so the adventure continues. Day 2 begins today. I have Rae as my helper and encourager today. When Ruby had a success in the potty last night, Rae did a happy dance for her and cheered, putting a HUGE smile on Ruby's face. She looks up to Rae a lot, so I am hopeful that today will go better!


Bron and Jenda said...

I LOVE your last paragraph about Rae's potty dance! It made me tear up :) Lucie already looks up to Abigail too and I get all choked up thinking about Rae encouraging her sister like that! Good luck today, Mama!

Mommy2Four said...

LOL.... too cute!

We actually had a "potty PARTY!" with donuts, balloons, and presents when we got rid of pull ups for good!

Now we have my youngest, who may be in diapers until she's 15 if given her own way.....

Jenilee said...

hope your day does go better! cute baby girls!

Deb said...

Oh man! What a day! You're amazing, Audra!

Erin said...

Please never tell another story about your daughter pooping outside and then your dogs eating it. Gross. We're going to have a talk about blog appropriateness. I'll make you a PowerPoint presentation while I'm at work.

~Mistee~ said...

Don't feel bad, my dog gets the dirty diapers out of the diaper can and eats them! yep, YUCK!!