For the past couple of days, I have been researching baby wraps. I know there is a huge "babywearing" fad going on right now, and I can't necessarily say that I'm a part of it or agree with all of the reasons why people say it's so good for a baby's emotional development. But what I do understand is that when I have to take 3 kids into the grocery store and the tiniest one can't sit up on it's own in the cart, I either have to haul in the whole carseat, which takes up most of the cart (which is what I did with the first two kids) or somehow carry/wear the baby.

I have a Baby Bjorn -- which I used from time to time with the older girls -- and even though it's comfortable and provides "ok" support, I don't like how you have to wait until the baby is a certain size to use it, and even then the flap in the front blocks the baby's face. It's stiff and not very flexible, and you can only wear the baby on the front, not your side or back.

So I'm looking at wraps. My goodness are there a million options out there. Ring wraps, ringless wraps, pouches, slings, Mei Tais, brand after brand after brad that all claim to be the best for you and baby.

HEY MOMS -- Do any of you have baby carriers? Which ones do you like/dislike and why?

I am looking for something...
1.) Easy to get in and out of
2.) Mainly for the first 6-7 months until baby can sit up on her own
3.) Not ridiculously expensive
4.) Ideal for shopping trips or being out and about with the big girls at the park, on a walk, etc.

I'm not necessarily interested in carrying the baby at home. I don't want a clingy baby who always has to be held.

I've already talked to a couple of people and so far I'm leaning toward either the Moby D or the Sleepy Wrap. They seem to be pretty much the same thing, except one has stretchier fabric than the other. *sigh* I do wonder, though, if these won't be as "easy" to get in and out of as a pouch might be.

Please comment! I need feedback!


The Petersons said...

Becky Mahoney made my baby pouch. It works wonderfully and I love it. Have no idea what "type" it is though. =)

Julie said...

I bought an Ergo when Kate was born. It worked well with the insert for a tiny baby and we still use it from time to time on our back in piggy back. The website said you can nurse in it...tried it - not possible. I have a friend who has the Moby and uses it all the time with her very new baby. I think with many of them they're cumbersome at first but once you get the hang of one or two wraps it's a piece of cake. Practice at home though!

Karen Wall said...

Loved the Ergo as well. Pricey, but WELL worth the investment. I have several friends that tried mine, immediately got their own, and now say they don't know how they would live without it. Many of them are mothers of 3 plus kiddos too! :) I got one for Brett and Allison as a baby gift and they loved it as well. Happy shopping!

Becky Mahoney said...

I made the mai tai style wraps for Amber, Joelle, Brenda and myself. It certainly is more work to strap the on than a sling (especially in a cold parking lot!), but you can get pretty efficient at it. I have a sling and the mai tai and use them both. I would use the sling for quick things when I wanted my hands free like garage sales, but couldn't really wear it more than 10 minutes at a time without my shoulder and back starting to hurt. I used the mai tai for walking around the lake, hiking and once in a while in the grocery store, but with one it was just easier to use the carrier.

Priya said...

I have a moby and wasn't able to use it much when she was a newborn because she had to wear a harness for her hip dysplasia. I think it would have worked well for her as a newborn. Now that she's a bit bigger she doesn't like it as much. It's kind of cumbersome to wrap around me but i'm not super coordinated and i really think that's the issue. I know others that have it (or the sleepy wrap which is cheaper) and love it!

Brenda L said...

Something I hadn't mentioned when we talked earlier... I've never tried it, so I can't vouch for it, but a k'tan might be a good one. It supports similar to a wrap, but is more like a pouch for getting on and off.


abby said...

I'm a huge fan of baby-wearing. And while I agree with the research on the emotional well-being of the baby, I'll be the first to admit, I do it so I can be "hands-free" and still hold the baby. Plus I discovered that a sling is the magic formula for a quiet, content baby.

I've got lots - I've used an Ergo, a Beco, a ring sling, a Mai-tie, a moby wrap, a peanutshell and a hotsling.

My favorite for infants and ease is a ring sling. I make my own but you can get lots of choices for not a lot of money on etsy. Just make sure the rings are purchased through slingrings. The other rings are not safe for babywearing.

The Beco is expensive but worth every single penny. It holds up to 45 lbs and can be used on the front or back. They have a smaller version (up to 35 lbs) that can do front, back or side carries and the baby can face in or out. This one makes carrying my 25 lb toddler feel like I'm carrying a 8 lb infant. I LOVE it.

If you are ever in St. Paul, you can go to Peapods and try on slings with a weighted baby doll to help you figure out which one you like best.

I discovered that all the options have a learning curve and it takes several attempts to figure out which ones work best for you and your baby.

Okay, so just realized that was a really long post from a lurker on your blog.

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

I have used just about everything. For house work I loved my moby type wrap, love it! Still wear it with my 16 month old when she is teething. I however did not like it for shopping. I got hot in it but the biggest reason was it was annoying to put on in the parking lot and I tended to get it dirty in the process. I adore my peanut shell type wrap. It is super easy to put on and put baby in. There are a few positions that work well even after the baby can sit well. That just my opinion.

(I say moby type and peanut shell type because I made all my wraps from wraps that my friends had.) Feel free to ask any questions. :) Good luck in your search.

mhelm said...

lol. Wow, this is a popular post!

Personally, I thought my Moby sucked. I used it about 10 times and then just gave up. First, it took way too long to get it on (I thought). Second, it made me feel like a whale when I finally did get it on. It seems to be pretty bulky. No other reasons then those;) Just wasn't comfortable.

I REALLY want an ERGO! Unfortunately, even on Craigslist they are still in the $90. I've heard they are the best for your back and the most comfortable AND the best for the babies hips... it has them sitting on their butt instead of hanging from their hips like in the baby bjorn. I also like how you can throw them on your back once they get older.

I did like my baby bjorn. I could get it on in 5 seconds and I used it right away... I guess I didn't realize you couldn't. I looked at the height and set the settings and his nose/head was visible;)

I also LOVED my hotsling! I wish I would have known about it sooner;) I got a girlie one at a garage sale for 4 bucks! Way excited to wear it;)

Qtpies7 said...

I am a HUGE SleepyWrap lover! I also have The Ultimate Baby Wrap from Target, it works fine, but the sleepwrap is more comfortable for everyone.
It IS a huge pain putting it on in the parking lot, I admit, but if I am going shopping I put it on at home and then put the baby in at the store.
I tried the Moby and hated it with a passion.
I also have a sling that I have a love/hate relationship with. I can't really nurse comfortably in it.
I'm a friend of Crystal's, so if you want you can contact me through her and try my wraps/sling. I won't need them until spring.

DanielandSarah said...

I LoVE my ERGO!! With the newborn insert, I used it from day 1. I still use it all the time for my 1-yr old and sometimes even for my 3 and 4 1/2 yr olds who weigh 40 lbs. The weight is distributed mostly to your butt/hips/legs - not your shoulders like the Bjorn. I hated my Bjorn-wish I'd had the Ergo for baby #1!

Kittelson-Burke said...

I like the Moby. But, I don't know anything about the other brands except for the Bjorn which I prefer the Moby. I find that Jonah seems really happy and content when he is in it. When I know that I will be carrying him in it at the store or somewhere I will put on the Moby at home before I go, so, I don't have to put it on there. It did take awhile to get used to it though, I had to watch a few "how to" you-tube clips but once you get the hang of it it's super easy.

Diana/WrapYourBaby said...

I love woven wraps and mei tais, and was never all that comfortable or got the hang of ring slings and pouches. Everyone has a different favorite so the best is to find a local baywearing store or group or class so you can try them on, and have them demo'd for you by someone who knows what they're doing!

Stretchy wraps come in one size to fit everyone. Woven wraps come in many sizes, and are much cooler. Just so you know. More expensive, but $100 for how much easier and more pleasant life is for two years (and all future babies)...totally worth it! And I don't bother buying infant seats or strollers or bouncy seats or swings so (if I, theoretically, stuck to only one wrap) it's really a savings!

Don't worry about clingy baby syndrome--worn babies tend to get very independent. The security of knowing they can be held tends to make them want to get away!