A Day at the Park

There are just a couple weeks left of life with just these two little girls. When a beautiful day like today comes along, I can't help but leave the vacuuming for another day and take the girls out for a day at the park. Soon, life with change for all of us (for the bettter!), and for a time, they may not get the amount of Mommy attention they are used to. So we are soaking it in now.

I can hardly look at these photos without getting all choked up at how precious these little princesses are to me. I can't wait to welcome our third little princess to our family!


Erin said...

Pictures are great, Audra!

Sarah D said...

They are so adorable! I cant wait to see what the next princess will look like :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderfully precious! They are such beautiful little girls.