Superstar Puppy

On Sunday, the girls and I joined JP for a training session with Gideon at the breeder/trainer's home. The breeder's name is Etta, and she is one heck of a woman. She's an award winning hunter and breeder, the only woman to ever win first place in the big, official Large Munsterlander competition in Germany. Her whole life is devoted to these dogs, 15 of which live with her and her husband Mike in their home. They also keep pigeons, ducks, and chukars to use for training with the dogs.

Etta and Mike live on 20+ acres not more than 7 minutes away from our house. They've developed the land into a perfect training ground for their puppies and dogs. JP goes out there about once a week to work with Gideon, then they practice what they learn at home.

Heading out to plant the birds for Gideon to find

The girls love going to "Miss Etta's" house because there's so much to see and do. They love chasing the birds around, playing around the willow trees, and watching Gideon hunt up his prey.

Miss Etta shows the girls the baby Pigeons in the coop.
Checking out the ducks & chukars
Playing in the willow
The flowers Rae picked for me in the field.
Etta has dubbed Gideon her "superstar puppy" because he is doing so well. He's exceeding all of his brothers and sisters in every area. At his last checkup he was 33 lbs -- as big as Caleb, our full-grown Wheaten Terrier -- at only 4 months old! He's going to be a BIG BOY.

Gideon hunting
Etta & the girls plant a duck for Gideon
And he retrieves it!
Man's best friend. These two are inseparable.

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Bron and Jenda said...

Miss Etta looks like she's GREAT with the girls! and your puppy is huge! holy smokes!