Today the girls and I stumbled across a snake in the yard. It was pretty big, relatively speaking, compared to other snakes I've seen.

Later, JP went to step out of our back door and nearly stepped on the snake, who was slithering his way across our patio. JP picked up a small shovel and did away with it. Do me a favor and don't get all "save the snakes" on me. It needed to go.

Fully stretched out he was almost 30 inches long. JP proceeded to find and extinguish three other snakes near his pole barn that same night. Good riddance!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I absolutely hate snakes. Three less in the world is just fine with me:)

I hope there isn't a nest somewhere or something?

Hilah said...

you live out in the country right? You should get a cat for outside to take care of the snakes!

Stephanie Balvin said...

GROSS GROSS GROSS- I would move!