Friends in Town

Two of my bridesmaids, Nicole and Bethany, are both in town right now. Nicole lives in Virginia and Bethany in Texas, so getting together as a trio is hard.

On Monday, Nicole and her two kids came out to our place. Rae and Nicole's oldest, Beckett, are only 6 weeks apart, and they played so well together.

Nicole's little girl, Keira, is turning one on Friday. She is seriously...SO cute. Strawberry blond curls, tiny pink lips. What a doll!

Today (Wednesday), All three of us met with our children at Nicole's parents house. This was the first time Bethany had met Keira, and also the first time Nicole had met Bethany's son, Isaac, who many of you prayed for. He's such a sweet, happy, content baby!

It was wonderful to spend time with my two sweet friends and wonder about how and when we became the almost 30-year-old moms we used to see at the mall together.