Quotes from Rae

Rae: (crying) "Mom! It hurts!"
Me: "What hurts honey?"
Rae: (still crying) "My rooster! There's a rooster on my foot!"
Me: "Huh?" (inspecting her foot)
Rae: "It's a rooster, Mom."
Me: "Honey, do you mean blister?"
Rae: "Yeah, it's a blister."

Me: "Rae, you need to eat your food."
Rae: "Oh Mom, just think about other things."
Me: "What did you say?"
Rae: "Just think about other things, like putting things in the garbage, going to the zoo, or swimming in the swimming pool."

And my favorite...

Me: (over my shoulder) "Why are you following me around everywhere I go, honey?"
Rae: "Because I love you so much."

*sigh* Melt my heart!!!

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Erin said...

Ha, ha! I love the middle one. She is a clever little girl.