Funny Rae

Israel is always cracking me up with the funny different things she says and does. I don't know where she picks up some of this stuff, but I'm glad she does.

Today, we had to make a trip to Ridgedale Mall with the girls, which is a solid hour drive. The girls are (for the most part) getting used to these long trips and entertain themselves very well.

On the way home, Ruby was playing with a toy horse and singing, "Old MacDonald." However, you must understand that Ruby's version of the song consists of her singing "Neigh, neigh, here / Neigh, neigh, there," over...and over...and OVER again. She only moves forward in the song if someone joins her and leads her elsewhere in the song.

You can imagine how sweetly annoying that can become, right? :)

Finally, Rae turned to Ruby and said, "Hey Ruby, I have an idea. Let's just stick to talking."

JP and I were trying to hold in our giggles when Ruby said, "Otay!" ...and then promptly continued her song.

Rae let out a sigh and said, "I just don't see how this is going to work. I guess I'll just have to supervise."

I love my funny little family!


bruce said...

Aww, she looks like she would be a good supervisor.

Deb said...

That's hilarious!!

Deb said...

That's hilarious!!

MICAH said...

She is so beautiful! I miss her so much

Bron and Jenda said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a funny bunch of characters :) Jon and I both think Rae is so eloquent!