We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors here in Princeton.

To the north of us lives a "senior" couple. I use the term relatively, since their spirits deny their physical age. They are sweet and kind, and it's not uncommon for the gentleman, Dan, to wave hello as he passes by on his scooter or for Judy, his wife, to call me up to check on how things are going with the pregnancy or chat about the weekend.

Today I received a call from Judy to let us know that she has more beans & cucumbers in her garden than she could ever need, and she invited us to come harvest as many as we'd like. The girls were very excited about it, and although their excitement waned sooner than I would have hoped (due to attacking horse flies, mosquitoes, and the heat), we had a lot of fun.


mhelm said...

wow, that's awesome!

~Mistee~ said...

It is nice to have great neighbors! Love the pics!