Ruby's 3rd Birthday!

I am quite behind on my blogging yet again, so I'm going to try to go on a little spree today and get a bunch done. Starting with -- RUBY'S THIRD BIRTHDAY! Aww, my sweet little cowgirl is three!
We started with a mini-celebration at my parent's house. Mee-Maw (my grandmother, Ruby's namesake) was still in town and got to be a part of the festivities, which was extra special. There was a definite theme that centered around Ruby's love for horses. She received a horse dress, horse pajamas, and LOTS of horse toys. It couldn't have been more fitting, and she hasn't stopped playing with all of those horses since the day she got them.

Brave Mee-Maw even attempted a photo with all of the great-grandkids present (we were missing Anna & Jeremiah).

And here's one of her with my girls.

This one cracks me up!

On the actual day of her birthday, Ruby wore the purple princess dress that my Mee-Maw made for me for my third birthday and which Rae also wore for her third birthday. We had cake at home & planted the trees that Joe & Becky handed out as party favors for their wedding.

The celebrating isn't over, either, because when our friend Etta gets back from a trip she's on, she's going to help Ruby bake a ladybug cake, which she has been requesting for weeks. You may remember that Etta helped Rae make a flower cake for her birthday this year.

Happy birthday, Ruby Ann! You are such a sweet, loving, helpful, happy little girl, and Mama and Daddy couldn't be any prouder of you. We love you!

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