Family Hayride

Today we thoroughly enjoyed our second annual family hayride at Hayrides, Inc. in Rogers. Last year, we went after dark. This year we were smart and went just as the sun was setting over the scenic farm land.

We had so much fun, especially the kids. At first, just sitting the hay and enjoying the ride was enough to keep the smiles plastered on their faces; but when they discovered they could jump off the back, throw hay at each other and jump out from "hiding places" behind trees to "scare" us, they were in heaven.

After the ride, we ate chili and hot dogs around a fire and watched the last of the sun slip below the horizon. So much fun. I love fall, and I love my family.

You can view more pictures by clicking here.


Erin said...

That last picture of Rae is great! Looks like fun!

David and Bethany said...

I'm not going to lie--I'm jealous that you all get to legitimately wear sweatshirts to enjoy your fall weather (much less stocking caps!). ;) Your hayride looks like so much fun! I remember our family going on hayrides at the place in Rogers, too!