Joe & Becky's Wedding

It could not have been more beautiful. The air was crisp and cool, but not too cold. The leaves were just beginning to slip into their autumn colors, leaving just enough green to make the wooded outdoor setting feel lush and fresh. The sun was beginning it's decline, shining its golden rays through the stretching branches of the trees. And there -- as if a scene straight out of Robin Hood -- my brother pledged his love and devotion to his fair maiden, and she in return.
Everything went perfectly. Becky and her mom thought of everything. They didn't miss a single detail, and the result was a beautiful, smoothly-flowing day that focused more on the love and friendships shared than last-minute loose ends.
The theme of their wedding day was "Rooted in Love." It all centered around the legacy of love and faithfulness established by generations before them and rooting themselves in Jesus as they begin their life as husband and wife. A giant, branching tree was the emblem of the day. We first saw it on the invitations, then noticed it echoed on the programs, table cards, and even the favors -- tree seedlings for everyone to take home, plant and watch grow over the years.

Becky is a country girl, sporting cowgirl boots under her wedding dress, and all of her bridesmaids wore boots, too.
My two little cuties, the flower girls, wore boots too. They were so cute, and did their job so well! Becky had them drop fall leaves along the path instead of flowers.
The girls' dresses were hand-made by a friend of one of the bridesmaids. The back was as cute as the front with decorative buttons from top to bottom. Having a 4-year-old with the most amazing ringlets ever makes up-dos a breeze.
I missed a lot of photographic details throughout the day because I was chasing the kids around making sure they were in the right place at the right time and NOT getting dirty. I was also singing in the wedding, so for instance I missed getting a photo of the kiss because I was still behind the piano. I also COMPLETELY FAILED at getting a family photo while we were all dressed up and primped so nicely! I could cry I'm so sad about it!

I can't WAIT to see their professional pictures. They hired an amazing photographer named Sara Tafoya, a friend of Joe's who offered to do the wedding for free if they'd just fly her in.
Here are a few more that I got. You can see them all by clicking here.

The wedding party
My goofball husband and sweet Rosie
We found out Ruby had strep throat the morning before the wedding! We got her on antibiotics right away and she wasn't contagious by wedding time. She was feeling pretty awful, but stayed sweet and did her job so well!
Becky and her mom did all of the flowers and decorations by themselves.
Becky and her cute bridesmaids just before the ceremony
Last minute primping
Giving of the bride
Reception decorations
First dance

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