Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Happy "Not Me" Monday! You can read more funny stories at MckMama's blog.

Last night when I went to get food for our big dogs (Caleb & Sadie), I did NOT find maggot-looking creatures living in their food. I have no idea how long they have been in there or how many times I have fed them to my dogs before noticing them. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!

The night before Father's Day, I did NOT frustratingly proclaim to JP (in my deliriously tired state) that I didn't care if it was Father's Day or not, I was not going to get up with his puppy in the morning again. Then, upon hearing the puppy's whines around 7:00 am -- and JP snoring peacefully -- I did not feel guilty and do it anyhow. Not me -- I'm a girl who sticks to her guns.

The other day, Ruby and I did NOT consume an entire foil of Old Dutch potato chips dipped in Top the Tater...in one sitting. Yesterday my lunch did NOT consist of a sundae cone and frozen fruit bar. Today my lunch did not consist of a bowl of frosted flakes cereal. I am healthier than that.

(I feel better getting that off of my chest.)

And finally, I did NOT enter my 3rd trimester this week. Oh wait, YES I DID!! WOO HOO!

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Erin said...

Yuck. That happened once with Greta's food. I think I threw out the rest of the bag.