Father's Day 2010

We had a full couple of days running around attempting to spend time with all of our dads this Fathers' Day weekend.

The fun began on Friday. Having been unsuccessful in finding a time for us all to get together with Bompa (JP's step-dad, Larry), the girls and I decided to load into the car and make the drive down to visit him at work. We had no idea that it would end up taking us an hour and a half to get there due to traffic! By the time we got there, the girls were so sick of being in the car, so happy to get out, and so hungry. This only proves how much we love you, Bompa! :)

As you can see, Ruby wasn't really interested in having her picture taken after all of that!

On Saturday we went to Gammy & Grampies house (JP's dad & step-mom) to celebrate with them and with the grandfathers on that side of the family (Papa & Great). The day started out cool and cloudy, but by the time the girls woke up from their naps the sun had come out and we were able to spend some time splashing in the lake with the cousins. Gammy rounded out the evening with a delicious steak, chicken & swordfish dinner.

Can you see them past the curls?
My favorite photo of the day once again includes Florie.
Vinnie & PapaAva playing "school" with Papa & Nana

We spent Sunday morning together at home as a family. We did make a family trip to Wal-Mart where JP bought Rae a tee-ball set, albeit somewhat begrudgingly! He's not a big baseball fan and tried to talk her into a new soccer ball instead, but she really wanted tee-ball.

JP is a little peculiar in that he bats and plays hockey left-handed, even though he's right handed. We were both surprised when the natural stance Rae (also right-handed) chose was as a lefty! We are going to try to teach her to bat both ways.

I don't want to be left out of the lefty club, so I'm going to mention here that I shoot pool left-handed. See, I'm cool too. :)

Sunday night we drove down to my parents house for Father's Day dinner. I didn't get many pictures of that, but it was fun as always. The kids even graduated from high chairs and booster seats to the new "kiddie table" my mom got, which they thought was pretty cool.

Here are all of the kids crowding around Grandpa (my dad) as he opened his gifts.

As gifts for all of the dads, the girls and I made little photo magnets of all of the little ones. Ok, let's be honest -- I made them and didn't let the girls touch them and risk messing them up! My intentions were good.

We love all of our dads so much. Being parents ourselves now -- and observing all JP does to provide for us physically, emotionally and spiritually -- really brings all that our dads did for us full circle. Dads are irreplaceable. We love you Bompa, Grampies, Papa, Great, and Grandpa!

And of course, #1 dad -- JP! :)

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