"Not Me!" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It's another "Not Me" Monday. What haven't you been up to this week?

Me? Funny you should ask.

This week I did NOT go off on a facebook rant against roundabouts after construction began at THE major intersection leading to my house. This project does NOT cut off my house from the only civilization I thought I once had out here. No, I think a roundabout is a brilliant idea for such highly populated areas as Princeton, MN (population 4,000), and I am more than happy to take the ridiculous detour that only adds about an extra 10 minutes to my already insane commute.

Since JP was gone 4-wheeling for the weekend with the puppy, I decided to bring the girls and the big dogs down to the cities and stay at my folks for a night. Being the good doggy mama that I am, I did NOT leave the dogs kenneled up in the car all weekend long, excepting occasional potty breaks and time to stretch a little. I mean, who leaves their dogs in the car in North Minneapolis for two days? Not Me. (I should note: the weather was cool, so the car was not hot.)

I did NOT bump up my OB appointment by a week in hopes that my doctor will see that I'm just fine now and release me from this Level 1 bed rest a week early. I am a patient woman, and I have no problem "taking it easy" in my house, which is slowly becoming messier and messier as I continue to skip my productive cleaning time to rest while the girls rest. *sigh*

And finally, after taking into consideration all of your comments and thoughts about the new blog layout, I did NOT decide that even though a number of you don't like it, I'm keeping it because I like it. :)

Don't take it personally. I was just tired of the green. Maybe my life has gotten chaotic enough now that I just need the peaceful feeling of the baby blue to soothe me. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to keep messing around with it for now. Ha!


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The Petersons said...

Haha! I love "Not Me" Mondays. =) BTW--I like the new layout! =) It is more peaceful. =)