My phone has been ringing, dinging, buzzing, and alerting off the hook today with birthday calls, texts, facebook alerts and emails -- WHEW! It has been overwhelming! I made the decision early in the day to respond to each and every one of them and now my fingers are sore from all of the typing and texting. :)

So thanks to all of you who wished me a happy 28th birthday. I would feel old except my husband just hit 30. As long as my age starts with a "2" I can still consider myself "in my 20's" and feel just fine about that.

We spent the day taking it easy at home. We had planned to leave for a camping trip with my family today, but the forecast told of thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings, heat, and humidity pretty much all weekend. So we opted to stay home with a possible day trip on Saturday, weather permitting.

My brave parents and my sister's family decided to head up anyhow. From what we've heard, my parents did get their tent set up before the storms hit and are toughing it out. My sister and her family spent two hours at a McDonald's play land as the rains came down and the floods came up before deciding to head back home for the night.

Since I didn't need to spend my day packing and preparing, we set up a slip-and-slide I found at Wal-Mart for $5 and had a blast watching the girls play with it. That was the best $5 I've spent all summer. The girls didn't quite grasp the concept of running and sliding, so JP started pulling them down with a dog leash. (I was trying to post a video of this, but it wasn't working.) After dinner we took the girls to Dairy Queen. The storms never hit us here in Princeton.

All in all, it was a sweet day spent with my beautiful family, and I'm so blessed to spend my years with them.

Here are the "priceless" $5 slip-and-slide photos. :)


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Sarah D said...

Love it! Great pictures and what a great birthday!