Not much new to report here, except that we are loving the early spring weather. If March ends up going out like a lion, I will be very sad. I don't think I could bear another snow.

On Saturday morning we broke out the shovels & wheelbarrow and dug out the overgrown fire pit that we discovered once the snow melted. I use the term "we" loosely, since JP did most of the digging and hauling, with only limited "help" from me and the girls!

That night we had some of JP's high school friends over for burgers, brats, and a bonfire. It was glorious, and I'm looking forward to more bonfire fun all summer long, for those willing to make the trip out to visit us! The next morning, the first thing out of Rae's mouth was, "Mommy, can we go outside and have a camping fire with all of our friends?" All day long she talked about how much fun she had.

After all the fun, I found one tick on Sadie and one in the back of little Ruby's head! They were just wood ticks, so I wasn't too concerned. But later I found a tiny little tick in Ruby's hair (thankfully it had not latched on yet). I don't know if that was a deer tick or not, but it definitely gave me the shivers.

My van (the Safari) is in the shop today. It started making a funny grinding noise before we left for Tennessee. Since we didn't have the funds to fix it, I drove it only on a "need to" basis until finally the other day it started sounding really bad and the Anti-lock brakes started kicking in for no reason.

I took it in to a local, family-owned place up the road from us. They said the passenger side wheel bearing was completely gone, and the tire could have fallen off at any minute. The alignment was also off and it was leaking anti-freeze. All I can say is Thank You Lord for keeping me & the girls safe in that car, Thank You Uncle Kev for getting us an amazing deal on parts to fix it, and Thank You IRS for tax returns in the nick of time!

I guess that's all for now. How have you been?

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Bron and Jenda said...

wow audra! that's scary with the van! it's nice the tax return can be used for it, but that's still a bummer. i had to replace something in jon's car for $902 while he was in Iraq with my $903 tax return. I made a grumpy face and wrote the check.

I wouldn't worry about the tick too much. Most ticks this time of year are in their infancy and are thereby small. DEFINITELY get tick collars for the dogs. The ticks are GROSS when they get all puffy and start falling off of them around your house. Deer ticks are usually so small you can't see them. In all my years living in the country and playing in fields, pastures, woods, and creeks, and of all the hundreds of ticks I've had to pull off myself as a result, only a handful ever latched on before I caught them, and I've never had a deer tick on me. Jon's brother had one once. Pretty rare.

AND count us in when the bonfires start happening!!