David & Goliath

Rae has taken a liking to pretending to be David defeating the giant, Goliath. I finally got a video of her funny little "sling" throw that she does. Notice the full wind-up, as David would have spun the sling round and round.


Missy said...

Cute! I had the very same day of laughing at the kids today. They were being so funny. One of the funniest things Zach is saying lately: (In panic)"Mommy!! I have to go poopy!"
"Okay, just give me a minute to help you out."
"Oh, nevermind. It melted."
"You mean, it went away??"

Bron and Jenda said...

haha! she's so adorable! i also like the "mooooooooooove!" muttered to Ruby. Because of all the rocks by the house, Rae wanted the one under Ruby's foot :) How typically older sister!

Erin said...

Cute! Her softball arm is showing promise.