Another Memphis Update

Today we played outside in the very bright and very warm sun in just our short sleeves. It was beautiful, and I think I even got a slight tan on my arms! Many thanks to the Regenolds for having us all over to their beautiful home for a fun day of play.

We have decided to stay one day longer than we had originally planned. Tomorrow is Sunday, and it will be one week since Anita's passing. We will spend the day with the family, and Mom will also help finish up the thank you cards they will be sending out. We will leave for home on Monday morning.

The funeral itself was beautiful. There were so many flowers overflowing the room with color and life, the same way Anita did just by being present. Everybody who knew her, loved her, and everybody who knew her feels her absence keenly.

Uncle James courageously spoke to all about the first time he saw Anita in the halls of their high school, their courtship, marriage, life adventures, and 50 years of togetherness and love. He called her his soul mate and best friend, and said that unlike Clarence (from It's a Wonderful Life), his angel had already earned her wings.

The girls are still holding up pretty well. They like all of the attention and the outside play time. Ruby has been having trouble with waking up crying at night, I think because she is cutting some more teeth. Usually Rae can sleep through her crying, but I certainly cannot. I'm averaging much less sleep than normal, and as much as I love spending time with my family who I love and don't get to see often enough, I am missing home and JP.

It's not often that I get to come down here and see MeMaw and everybody else. These times are precious. And although I don't like to think about it, I can't help but wonder every time I leave if this might be the last time I will get to see MeMaw. She is a strong woman, and it wouldn't surprise me if she lives to be 105; but as we've learned with Anita...life (and death) can be so surprising.

The fact that I am still up on my computer is keeping Rae's interest from the other hotel bed, and she is therefore still awake too. I'm going to close so we can both get some rest. Please keep praying for all of our family, and especially today for my Mom. Leaving is going to be so very hard on her this time, more than ever.

Love to all....

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