Ruby -- 18 months

Ruby Ann passed the 18-month mark this week, making her our official one-and-a-half year old.This is such a fun stage. She can pretty much do everything Rae can do, just with a little help, and her fearless attitude takes her even further than that sometimes! She is talking a lot more lately, but still gets frustrated when she can't fully communicate her desires.She sings, helps with chores, laughs a lot, and cannot be trusted alone in a room for more than 20 seconds.She is down to taking only one nap a day most days, unless she wakes too early in the morning. She has a favorite blanket (pictured below during a meltdown) that she cannot live without. I tried to put her to bed without it last night because it was in the dryer, and she wept and cried, "Moooommy! Mooooommy!" until it was dry and I brought it in to her.Ruby is extremely affectionate and loves to hand out hugs and slobbery, boogery kisses. She can say small word combos like "love you, Dada," or "thank you, Mama." She adores the dogs and they put up with her "love" very well. She loves to swing, is very social, very independent and her hair shows absolutely NO sign of ever curling.Ruby Ann, what would our life be without you? You make every day sweeter than the day before. The way you hug me so tight melts my heart. I love you right up to the moon...and back again.

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Auntie Missy said...

Sweet, sweet Ruby. Thanks for the update. It's nice to hear what her personality is/is becoming.