This one goes out to Chris Good

Well, it happened. I would have hoped my shiny new car would have made it longer than two weeks, but today I got in a fender bender. It was just the cherry on top of my already less-than-desirable day. And the accident was my fault. No excuses.
The car is fine - just a couple scratches in the front. It's just the idea of it being brand spankin' new that makes it so frustrating.

In other news...
JP and I just got back from a long weekend in Boston. We helped moved our dear friends, Chris & Erin Leckrone, out there. We are totally bummed that they will be so far away for four years, but we had a fun weekend regardless - unpacking their new home and sightseeing. We saw some really neat historical stuff - toured Paul Revere's home & The Old North Church, saw the Bunker Hill Monument and "Old Ironsides" (U.S.S. Constitution), tour a harbor boat tour, ate at some nice restaurants, walked around "Little Italy" and in general just enjoyed each other's company. I hope we get to go back to visit them soon!

JP also got his stitches out today. His wounds are looking much better - they've really healed quickly. It still hurts him if he bumps his elbows on things, and his knee has been really sore...so please keep him in prayer in those areas.

That's it for now! :)


Chris Good said...

WOO HOO! I am not the only person with everything else on my mind when I am driving!

Really it does stink to scratch, dent, distroy a perfectly good car. I just got my car fixed, now I am going to get Nikki's MiniVan fixed. (For those of you who don't know...yes I backed into myself)

I saw JP at the Doc's office, his injurys look like they hurt. Looks like he's healing though. Amen to that

Stuart B said...

Good news! Got home from work today, and got a call from one of the directors at 92KQ. He wants to meet with me and "chat" about stuff...promotional team work, whatnot. I've never done that sort of stuff before, but hey, it's an in, right?