Hogwarts School Day Camp

Being a TV person, I get a lot of mail from PR agencies looking for coverage of various events around town. I was disturbed by this one that I received today:

Enter the world of Harry Potter to learn about the world around us during "Hogwarts School" Day Camp, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday, Aug. 14-18, at Lake Minnetonka Regional Park in Minnetrista.
Explore how "magical" animals including owls, toads, snakes and dogs are trained and cared for. Make potions to transform water into floating "balls" or make fire burn with many colors. "Divination" class will explore stars and constellations, and in "Herbology" learn about edible plants. Follow the Marauder's Map and enjoy butterbeer and chocolate frogs. Learn some Muggle magic.

I feel sorry for the children whose parents would opt to take them to this event. Sure, you may think it's all fun and games - "they're just mind puzzles" - but this kind of stuff opens up the doors to all sorts of real spiritual elements. Maybe you don't believe in witches or diviners, but I've met some before. They're very real, and the spiritual realm is a very serious thing. Any parent who would take their kids to a "divination" class, in my mind, must be crazy. It's like inviting demons to come and mess with your kid's mind.
For the record, I've seen the Harry Potter movies and I know that they are very entertaining. Doesn't mean I'd ever let my kids see it, though. No way, Jose.

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Stuart B said...

Books are better, by the way. Although I have a strong suspicion she is going to rip off Tolkien during the final book...

Anyways, I posted a blog about my KQRS trip.

And has there been any word yet about Jonathan's court appointment?