A couple random thoughts

Thought #1:
Last night dad was talking about speaking in tongues. "The Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep to be uttered."
Have you ever had one of those days when you need to pray and you want to pray and you try to pray, but it all just comes out wrong or unfinished or cliche? I have had so many of those lately. The best thing to do, I think, in those situations is to either a.) pray scripture or b.) pray in tongues. I need to pray in tongues more. I always forget about it. I forget that I can ask, and the Spirit will pray exactly what I needed to pray wtih all of the words I couldn't find.
Note: If you don't speak in tongues or don't believe they're for today, all I can say is you're missing out. It's such a blessing. It's listed in the Bible as one of God's gifts to you, free for the taking. You just have to take it. God doesn't give bad gifts, and they don't have expiration dates.

Thought #2:
I got mad at an old lady at the grocery store today. I felt like the biggest jerk-head ever afterwards.
She must have been in a hurry and was pressuring me to go faster in line than I was going (not that I have much control over the speed of the check out person or the fact that she forgot to scan my coupons and had to call a manager over). I was already crabby because I hate the grocery story (can I get a witness?!!?), and I gave the little old lady a nasty scowl. What a jerky thing to do. I guess there are two solutions: 1.) walk in the spirit or 2.) hire a full-time grocery shopper. (Position starts at $15/hour, plus mileage) :)

Thought #3:
Since I'm already in confession mode:
I also got mad at my puppies today because they were following me all around the house every step I took. One under my left foot, the other under my right, constantly tripping me and getting in my way. I finally locked them outside for a while. Poor guys - they only follow me around because they love me.
But that's not the point. The point is that getting that frustrated with them made me scared for when I have children. I don't ever want to get so frustrated with them for innocent things that I send them away from me, cut them off from fellowship.
I'm not the most patient person, but I'm working on it, and I pray that God will grace me supernaturally to be gracious towards my kids...and my dogs. You can pray for me too.

Thought #4:
We're "On Air at the Fair" at the WCCO booth. If you're there, stop by to watch my live noon program! I won't actually be at the fair, but I'll be in control of everything you see happening there. :)

That is all. Have a blessed day.


Becky said...

On #2 There already is a full time grocery shopper named Simon Delivers (cheaper that $15 an hour)
On #4 I watched your show today and wondered if you got to be at the fair or not. I liked the piece about the miracle of birth barn. Did it freak you out about what's ahead?

The Charlebois said...

no, didn't freak me out, just made me really want to visit the exhibit! :)
I love Simon Delivers. Only problem is I don't plan ahead enough to order them in time so that they're there when we need them. Usually I wait till we have no food, then I think about grocery shopping. :)

Erin Virginia Leckrone said...

Prepare yourself for a puppy rampage...

Tal, Mary and Emma said...

I could have written all those confessions. My dog has been attached to my leg all week because we keep having storms. I need to have more patience, but instead I am so mean to her. Poor thing. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to be real!