Angels Watching Over Us

We had a scary situation occurr this past weekend. I was getting ready to go to church on Saturday when I got a call from JP - He had just crashed on his motorcycle.
He told me not to worry, that he was okay but banged up, and asked me to come pick him up. When I got there things looked much worse than he had described them. His clothes were covered in blood, his arm had huge gashes out of it and was bleeding like crazy, he had road rash on both arms and legs, and the bike was in shambles.
I took him to the emergency room and six hours later (at 1:00 am) we left there. He had to get six stiches in his left elbow, which had a huge chunck taken out of it. His shoe fell off, so his left foot was pretty beat up and missing some chunks of flesh. And he has road rash on his knees, arms, back, and hips.
We can only be thankful to a Mighty God who protected JP in so many ways. He wasn't being wise - he had started out with a helmet on but had taken it off because of the heat. He wasn't wearing any protective gear at all...only jeans and a t-shirt. He was trying to do a wheely and ended up giving the bike too much throttle, and it flipped backwards. He ended up falling to the side and rolling instead of falling straight back, which was nothing short of the hand of God. Had he fallen backwards with the bike, he would have landed on his back, smashed his head on the ground, and the bike would have landed right on top of him. As it is, he doesn't have one single scratch on his head. Divine protection. Amazing Grace.
As crazy as it sounds, the accident was actually a blessing in disguise. I think it scared JP quite a bit. When I got to him, he almost immediately started apologizing for not being responsible with his life when he has a wife and child on the way (side note: I started my second trimester this week!). He has decided (on his own) to get rid of both bikes. The one is totalled anyhow. And he's recommitted his life to being the husband and father God has called him to be.
I just can't thank the Lord enough for keeping my husband safe. When everything settled down and I was finally able to think back over what all had happened, I wept at the Grace God had over the whole situation. There's no reason JP shouldn't be in intensive care. There's no reason I shouldn't be making funeral arrangements. We are simply living under the Grace of a merciful and loving Lord.
Here are a couple of the "tamer" pictures. I'm hesitant to post some of the more gruesome ones. I may try to set up a link to a separate page that you all can opt to look at or not. Still, you will see blood if you look below, so brace yourself!
We love you all and appreciate any and all prayers you can send our way, especially as JP is still in significant pain as he goes through his healing process.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Audra:

All I could think of when JP called me on Sunday was Praise Jesus! So thankful not only that he was okay physically but that he is getting back to where he should be with the Lord. I have been praying so hard for both of you. It is true-God works in mysterious ways!

God bless-


Lori said...

Certainly praying for quick healing and praise that God protected!

Tal, Mary and Emma said...

So glad to hear of God's protection and will pray for a quick recovery. I am thankful that it was not harder for you both.

Chris Good said...

JP sorry to hear you got all banged up. Glad to hear you made it. I had a friend that even though he was wearing his helmet, he had brain surgery twice. Took him a long time to get back to normal.

Very happy God protected you.