Sarah & Nixon

Last weekend, JP's cousin got married to a wonderful man named Nixon. Nixon has been a part of the family for a long time now, but it was fun to finally make it official and celebrate the day.

You can imagine my surprise when Sarah approached me about taking pictures for their wedding. I had never done anything like that before, and I was pretty nervous. But I'm so glad I said yes, because it was so much fun and such a learning experience!

Another friend of the family, who is a real photographer, approached me when she heard I was doing the wedding and offered to help in any way she could. It was such a relief to have Jacki help out that day, shooting from different angles, watching for details, letting me borrow equipment, and offering tips as I shot (Visit Jacki V. Photgraphy here).

I am slowly working my way through editing all of the photos (I whittled it down from over 1300 to around 750), and here are a few of my favorites so far. Congrats Sarah & Nixon!


Lynn Harpel said...

These are wonderful photos, Audra. I do hope they love and appreciate them too.
Just as a side note, I'm not sure if the link to Jacki's business works...better check it. OR maybe it's just me!
Love ya,

molly said...

awesome photos! wish you had that camera when I got married;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures-awesome job Audra!