Hunting Season

JP is full-tilt boogie into hunting season this year, with his new best bud Gideon in tow. Apparently Gideon is doing great and learning quickly. They go out every chance they get. We've already had grouse for dinner, plus pheasant fajitas and pheasant stir fry. The grouse was just like chicken to me, but the pheasant is a bit darker, a little greasier, and has a fibrous texture to it that I don't care for as much. Oh well. It makes JP proud to eat it, so I'll cook it up!

JP also found out that with bird hunting, there is no age minimum for who you can bring with you. So he invited Rae to go with him! She's gone twice now, and she L-O-V-E-S it. They haven't even seen any birds together yet, but they heard a couple of grouse flush and she was so excited about it! Plus, she's pretty darn cute in her blaze orange!


bruce said...

Cute !

Sarah D said...

that is adorable!