Tic, Tac, Toe!

Three in a row, together for the first time!
(Left to right: Chloe, Jeremiah, & Rosie)

Missy & baby Jeremiah were in town from North Carolina for a very quick two days this past weekend. It was so wonderful to see Missy and to meet my sweet nephew for the first time! He is a smiley, happy baby with such big, blue eyes. It was hard to let go and see them leave again so quickly. We are thankful for every minute we get with them.


Sarah D said...

Wow! The picture of them lined up is so cute, and you can definately tell which baby belongs to each of the parents.

Priya said...

Baby pic is sweet, and missy looks beautiful as usual!

Missy said...

Dang! That camera of your makes me look pretty good! Where can I buy one of those??
No seriously, that walk with the girls (and you and Joe) was so precious and Ruby is a doll! What a sweet girl! Rae is too-of course-although, she was having a tough time on that walk showing how sweet she REALLY is! She was tired. Love you all!