Johnye Rose -- One month

I cannot believe that Rosie is already one month old! I can't believe I thought my heart was already full before she was here.

Like the other two girls, she is an excellent baby. She eats and sleeps well, stretching about six to six and a half hours of sleep at night. She has a fussy time in the evening, usually right around dinner time, but the rest of the day she is sweet and quiet. She is staying awake for longer periods of time now, up to about an hour or sometimes more!

She now makes very good eye contact and can follow an object or face that moves slowly in front of her. She teases us with little half-smiles and sleepy smiles, but I can't say I've gotten a true, responsive, full smile out of her yet! Sometimes she coos, and she's graduated from the tiny, squeaky newborn cry to a full-blown, piercing wail when she's not happy. She spits up a lot and goes through diapers like they grow on trees, but hey -- she's worth it all.

We love you, Johnye Rose!

***A quick note about the photo -- she was strapped to my chest in the baby K'tan when I took it. I just held the camera out in front of me and blindly snapped a shot. I couldn't believe the outcome! She's even sort of smiling!


CrystalAM said...

That is DEFINITLY a smile. Wow, I can't believe it's been a month. Her chubs are adorable. Yall make cute kidlins!

Sarah D said...

Look at that face! She is so adorable, what a great picture. :)

bruce said...

Sweetie !

The Petersons said...

Love it!