Pictures, Stories and Quotes

Today at the park, a local photographer asked if he could take pictures of the girls playing on the warm, November day. I told him of course. Moments later he says, "I think one of them is eating dirt." I replied, "Yep, that's pretty normal."


Ruby: "What's this?" (pointing)
Me: "That's my belly."
Ruby: (laughing) "Your belly so BIG!"


Rae: "Mom, I need your help. I have three stuffs, but only two hands. And I was gonna have Ruby help me, but she stole my grape."


Rae: "Mom, can you fill up my ukulele?"
Me: "Your what?"
Rae: "My ukulele. That's what I call my cup, because when I drink chocolate milk it kind of sounds like a ukulele."



JP & Rae built a tree stand in our back yard. The other night, JP crept quietly into the woods and saw 6 deer in there. Yesterday, Rae sat out with him in the stand for the first time.


And finally, thumb sucker #3 -- Rosie! She's smiling and cooing all the time now. I'm absolutely smitten with her.


Sarah D said...

Love the pictures, love the quotes, love your family! :)

Bron and Jenda said...

How fun!! I love the pictures of Rosie - she's so beautiful :) You've got a great family!

micah said...

Oh my goodness Rosie is so cute! I can't wait to hold her.