-Finish packing my hospital bag
-Pack overnight bags for the girls
-Go to Target for diapers, new mom products, etc.
-Get a haircut before she comes so I don't chop it all off AFTER she's born
-Ask JP to get the baby car seat out of the garage rafters & wash it
-Have JP put the back seat back in my van so I can fit three car seats in it
-Charge the batteries in my camera
-Find the bouncy chair

I guess that's everything!

JP finished the project he has been working on today, and now we're ready for Rosie at just about any time. We're still kind of hoping that it won't be in the middle of the night again, but at this point, I just want this baby OUT! I was 3 days late with Rae and 5 days late with Ruby. I know they're worth the wait and God's timing is perfect, but tomorrow or Saturday would be great, know what I mean? . :)

Last night I was having long, painful contractions until about 2:30 am. But unlike the night before, they had absolutely no consistency to them whatsoever. I tried timing them, but they were all over the place.

I even called the hospital at one point. I didn't know what to think because the contractions were so strong, but I know true labor is consistent and progressive. The nurse's cheerful response was, "Oh, this is your third baby! You know what you're doing!" Umm...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have called if I had this whole thing figured out!

Needless to say, the contractions did eventually go away, and they stayed away all day.

Thanks for all of your prayers as we continue to wait, sometimes more patiently than others.


In other news, my brother Joseph had to go into surgery to have his appendix out today. We're thankful that everything went well, they caught it early before any rupturing, and he may even get to go home tomorrow. He also has insurance just since June, praise God!

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Sarah D said...

Im praying for today! Come out Rosie. :)