False Alarm :(

Last night around 11 pm, JP and I were sitting on the couches watching American Pickers (love that show) when I started having contractions. After a while I pulled out a stopwatch and started timing them. They were between 6-8 minutes apart and lasting about 1-1 1/2 minutes each.

I really thought we were getting started! JP got up and packed his overnight bag, and I sent texts out to the grandmas (I didn't want to call and wake them up unless I was sure).

We decided to lay down and try to get a little bit of sleep because if this WAS the start of labor, we didn't want to head into it on empty tanks. We both fell asleep, and eventually the contraction went away. False alarm.

JP has a big work project that he cannot finish until tomorrow (Thursday). We are praying that labor can wait until he finishes that project, and that when it DOES happen, it will be some time other than 3 am, like the last two times. :)

Please be praying with us. We know God has the timing all figured out -- sure would be nice to be in on His little secret!

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