My New Sink

You know you've gone completely domestic when you get excited enough about your new sink to post a blog about it.

But seriously...isn't it gorgeous?

It has a detachable cutting board with a stainless steel strainer built into it.

It has one single HUGE bowl, perfect for loading up with dishes or, I dunno, bathing some BABIES!

And JP bought the faucet in this finish to match the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and dining area. Lovely.

Don't be jealous.


The Petersons said...

I am trying really hard not to be jealous...but....I STILL AM! Very nice!

The Smith Clan said...

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I AM jealous!! :-)

MIssy said...

Very nice, very nice!

Jon G said...

Dude, even I like that sink. And I'm a guy.

Jen said...

Where did you purchase this sink? The house I currently live in has this exact sink but we are moving soon. Im going crazy trying to find the same one for our new house but unfortunately have had no luck.