Tonight we went back to the breeder and picked out our new Munsterlander puppy. Blog readers, meet Gideon.

Good LORD is he cute. He is the second born of his mother's "G" litter (which means her 7th litter), so all of the puppies will get "G" names. JP is in love.

The breeders had narrowed it down to three males they thought would be a good fit for our home. When we got there, they pulled the three out and put a bird out for the puppies to find. We were amazed how at only six weeks old, all of them were tracking, pointing, and retrieving.

He is still too young to come home with us just yet. That will happen in about another week.

We also found out that the original Munsterlander that JP met in the hardware store (the one that he was so impressed with) is Gideon's father.

We are all excited, but JP is beside himself. I'm just praying he's an easy puppy! Welcome to the family, Gideon!


Sarah D said...

OMG that dog is too cute! I cant wait to hold him and cuddle him Im so excited! :)

Erin said...

He is adorable!

Missy said...

Cute! Do they dock the tails on those dogs or leave them long?

~Mistee~ said...

He is to cute!!