Gideon's Homecoming

We brought Gideon home as an official part of our family on Monday. So far he is a very, very good puppy -- as far as puppies go. He is still hyper like other puppies, still loves to chew on whatever he can find, and still needs to be watched every second to avoid "accidents" -- like any other puppy.

BUT, in the 4 days we've had him home, he's only had 3 accidents! He's sort of learning his name, doesn't soil his crate/kennel, and plays well with the girls and the other dogs.

The first night we put him in his kennel, he cried quite a bit. We kept him right next to the bed where JP could reach down and reassure him, and eventually he calmed down and went to sleep. That night he only woke up once to go potty at 2 am, but then at 5:30 am he woke up again and had no interest in going back to sleep! He cried and cried until JP finally got up with him.

He is doing better now, and is willing to go back in his kennel and lay quietly until the rest of the family is ready to wake up.

During the day he is just like a baby -- he'll have short spurts of being awake and very interactive, then he'll crash for a nice long nap.

Since this is JP's dog and his project, he has been very faithful to be the one to get up with the puppy at night, feed him, take him out to go potty, etc. As long as he is home, the dog is with him and he is taking care of it. That's a relief for me! They are already developing a special bond.

This coming weekend we are embarking on our first camping trip of the season with all three dogs. Pray that Gideon has this night thing down by then, and that our neighbors are gracious!

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Bron and Jenda said...

uh oh...we'll be your neighbors!!! :D