Israel's First Haircut

Last night I gave Israel her first haircut. It's amazing that she hasn't needed one in three years, but lately I had been noticing that she had three or four ringlets in the back that hung down a couple inches longer than everything else. It had a mullet feel to it.

So, with JP's very hesitant consent (he's VERY protective of her curls), I quickly snipped off the ends. I thought JP was going to cry, he was so sentimental about it. We put the curls in an envelope and into her baby book.

The result is a much more even-looking head of hair, although it does look much shorter to me. Crazy what a difference a couple of inches makes!

(don't worry about that one curl hanging off the bottom. I got it. I literally had to wait for JP to leave the room to even it out, because he kept saying, "stop, that's enough, no more.")

JP mourning the first lost curls

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Sarah D said...

awe thats so sweet!