If you feed them, they will come

Ever since we scattered the corn and sunflower seeds, we've had a beautiful array of wildlife appear in our yard.

Deer (sorry, bad photo)
Grouse (can you see it?)
Sand Crane with baby
We've also seen bald eagles, giant woodpeckers, hawks, pheasant and thankfully only coyote prints so far.


lovingmylife said...

haha Bigfoot. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - that new camera has just the right speed and ability to catch even BIGFOOT! Or is it just time for JP to have a haircut too? :)

bruce said...

I like the sand cranes. Sorry you had to see me before my morning coffee. I was on my way to starbucks as I crossed through your yard.

Sarah D said...

who... what, huh?!

Missy said...

Oh man! Tell Pete he needs to get Amber to wax his back again! His back, his arms, his chest...yikes!