T-Minus 2 days until we close on the new house...


T-Minus 10 days until I no longer have to do dishes by hand anymore!

I have been packing. Slowly but surely, the pile of boxes in my dining room continues to grow, but there still seems to be a lot left to do. So much of it I feel like I can't pack away until the day before (because we need it and use it so often). I already regretted packing away the Tylenol when I got a headache and realized that as a pregnant woman, I cannot take ibuprofen. *sigh*


In other news, my dad is in Illinios today to see his brother, my Uncle Hank. Hank has been fighting pancreatic cancer for two years now and has been told, "this is it."

(Uncle Hank last November, when we visted them on our way home from Micah's graduation.)
When he was first diagnosed, he was given 6 months to live. He looked that prognosis square in the eyes and defied all odds by living (relatively well) far beyond that. We're especially grateful that he has been able to live to see his new grandchildren, who he otherwise would never have met.

God is good like that, but it's still terribly hard on the family: My Aunt Gail, his children Brett & Karen, their spouses and his young grandchildren. And of course, my dad, who has already lost his parents and his other younger brother.

Please keep all of them in your prayers. Even when you know it's coming, there is never, EVER enough time to prepare for a loss like this. My heart is breaking for all of them.


bruce said...

He is begining his 30th month. 6 months past the highest expectations. Lv, D

Karen Wall said...

Thanks for the post and for all your prayers and concern. Dad is a fighter and has hung in there for all of us. I am so thankful to God that he got to meet my babies and Brett's. He is having a hard time now, but will be with Jesus soon. Your visit in November meant more to him than you will ever know. Family is very important to him and he loved getting some time to know yours better.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your uncle and the whole family today Audra.