My poor little baby is sick.Ruby developed a nasty, loud, honking cough and a fever on Sunday night. I took her in to our regular doctor the next morning. Her oxygen levels were a little low (95), but he wasn't too concerned about that because her lungs sounded clear. He said she had croup, which is a virus, and recommended steamy showers, a cool mist humidifier, and even going out in the cold to help with the cough.

By later that night, her cough lost the "croupy," honking sound, but continued to plague her. And since the onset, she's had consistent, high fevers that go down with Tylenol, but pop right back up once it wears off (the highest reading I took was 103.3!).

Today I started to get more concerned because her coughing had really picked up and she was yawning a lot. I figured that meant she wasn't getting enough oxygen, so I took her into the urgent care. The doctor there said he did hear some crackling in her lungs and diagnosed her with bronchiolitis. Sound familiar? That's what Rae had when she was hospitalized two years ago. They admitted Rae because her oxygen levels were at 90. Today, Ruby's were fluctuating betwen 91 and 92, so they did not admit her.

So now we're doing the albuterol nebulizer and zithromax routine we used to do with Rae. Ruby is pretty whiny and clingy, but she didn't mid the nebulizer too much, so I'm thankful for that. Please keep our little peanut in your prayers and believe with us for a quick recovery.

Hopefully it won't be long before we have our smiley girl back.

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