Quotes from Rae

Rae: "Mom, a little help?"
Mom: "What do you need?"
Rae: "I need you to move this chair, please." (lugging a large dining room chair)
Mom: "Ok, where do you need it."
Rae: "Right here." (pointing to the kitchen doorway)
Mom: "Why do you need it there?"
Rae: "So you can't just sneak in on me."

Turns out she was attempting to reach the chocolate chips on the counter. What a STINKER! I guess that's what we get for booby trapping her door at night so she can't sneak out.



Ruby woke up without a fever today for the first time since she got sick. She is still coughing and wants to cuddle a lot, but is in better spirits than yesterday. Thanks, God!

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mhelm said...

dang she's smart! i'll have to try that one;)