"Not Me" Tuesday?

So sorry that I missed "Not Me" Monday yesterday. Turns out I was "not" puking my guts out. Neither was JP. Nor the girls. We were all perfectly healthy.

No, no, I wasn't lying on the couch letting my children do as they pleased. I didn't at one point walk into the kitchen to find all of the dry goods removed from the cabinets and placed into "the ark" (moving boxes) for the animals to eat on their long journey. I was not corrected by my older daughter when I called her by her name: "Actually, Mom, I'm Noah."

I didn't hit the play button on Finding Nemo more than two or three times, nor did I declare bedtime for the entire family at 7:00 pm. Just think, if we had gone to bed that early, we would have gotten more than 12 hours of sleep, which would not have been necessary for my healthy family.

No, I guess there is really no excuse for missing "Not Me" Monday. *sigh*


The Petersons said...

Well, I definately DID NOT put my sons shoes on as we rushed out the door for church, and even though he complained that they were "not right" did not check them but instead told him that they were fine and to stop whining and hurry up because we were late....only to come home from church (3 hours later!) to find a nail clippers inside his shoe that he had been walking on all night long!!!! (Oh, yeah...totally felt like a loser mom on that one! Had to ask his forgiveness. Poor guy. Thankfully his foot was fine. What a trooper.)

Anonymous said...