Waiting for Testimony #2

Just before Christmas, God blessed us with a new work vehicle for JP. He had outgrown the GMC Safari he had been working out of and needed something with more room for his tools, etc. Here begins the story of testimony #1, and later I'll explain why we're waiting for testimony #2.
Anybody who knows JP knows that before he buys ANYTHING, he researches the heck out of it. This new truck was no exception! He had been looking into all sorts of different makes and models, high-top vs low-top, prices, reviews, etc. for months and months. We kept on putting off the purchase because of the financial pressure of the baby being almost here, but it finally got to the point where the new vehicle was such a need, we just stepped out in faith to buy one.
When JP stepped onto the lot at Denny Hecker, he wasn't looking for anything like we ended up with. But after looking at more than a few vehicles, he was shown one van that was particularly nice for a really good price. It was a 2003 GMC Savanah Starcraft - a full-sized high-top conversion van. (He had decided to go with a conversion van so that if needed we could pop the seats back inside for a road trip or whatever other need may arise.) At first glance, you would never want to put a dirty tool inside of it because it's so nice and shiny! But it had all the space he needed, plus all sorts of added bonuses (like a 20-inch LCD flat-screen TV, DVD player, bench seat that lays out into a bed, heated seats...) AND it had been dealer owned its entire life, so it was in fabulous shape and had very low miles. JP was also able to talk them WAY down in their price, and we ended up getting the van of our dreams for the price of our wildest dreams. :) PRAISE THE LORD!
That is testimony #1.
Right now we are waiting for testimony #2. That is because last night, somebody stole the flat-screen TV out of the van, as well as JP's iPod. JP has been working on a job site in Uptown Minneapolis, just a couple blocks off of Lake & Lyndale. Not the best neighborhood. He keeps his truck locked almost all of the time AND had a high-end security system installed (because of all of the tools he keeps inside, etc), but last night he slipped up and left the doors unlocked for all of maybe 20 minutes. In that time, the thieves were able to break in.
JP was so upset when he called me - I thought he was going to blow a gasket. After hanging up the phone, I prayed that he would be able to calm down and assess the situation. Minutes later he called me back in a much calmer mood.
I guess the first part of the testimony is that only the TV and iPod were taken - not any of JP's tools which are FAR more valuable than either of the electronics. The foolish thieves could have taken JP's level out of his van and it would have been just as valuable. Right now we're waiting to hear back from our insurance company as to whether the TV & iPod are valuable enough to surpass our deductable.
JP thinks he knows who broke into the van - some dudes who live nearby who were checking it out a day or two before. Being excited about his new van, JP had showed them the inside, the TV, etc. Not a wise move. The cops have been around the job site on sting operations trying to tag these guys for drug dealing. They're shady folks. Of course, we can't accuse them flat out because we didn't see who broke in, but he's pretty sure it's them.
Now we're waiting to see what the rest of the testimony is. Maybe it's that we get some insurance money out of it. Maybe its that the thieves get caught. Maybe whoever stole the iPod will listen to the Christian music on it, be convicted, and turn their life around. Maybe it's just a lesson learned. Who knows. But I know that God doesn't allow stuff like this to happen to His children for no reason. So for now, we'll wait for the testimony and praise Him for His protection.

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Stuart B said...

Did they replace the iPod with a Zune? Cause then it would have been Santa who broke into the van...

I keed.